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Next issue due on Monday 20 November.

Issue 0 (18 Sep 2017): Central & Eastern Europe, Norwegian v LEVEL, Ryanair at FMM, WOW air, Qatar Airways, airberlin

Issue 1 (09 Oct 2017): German domestic market, Ryanair's cancellations, Air Arabia Maroc, Monarch, Turkish Airlines, MIPIM

Issue 2 (23 Oct 2017): Ryanair's 131 new routes for W17, Georgia, Poznan, Czech Airlines & Travel Service in Prague, Alitalia

Issue 3 (06 Nov 2017): Euro LCC growth in W17 by route type, Bordeaux, Seville, Berlin after airberlin, Europe-Israel, London-Copenhagen

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Pure analysis of how the world's airlines connect the world's airports to one another.  Where's hot and where's not. Issue 0 out now!


Stands for Airline Network Knowledge Expertise & Research ... and it happens to be my name as well!

Unique analysis

Produced by Ralph Anker, formerly Founding Editor and Chief Analyst of and network planner at easyJet and Go. Over 30 years experience in aviation including more than a decade of teaching at Cranfield University and guest speaking at major aviation conferences.


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